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Turning White House Experience into Political Thrillers
Headline Books Workshops, Speakers and Programs
Need an author for a workshop or conference? We can provide Literary Weekends for your resort, hotel, cruise line, corporation, etc. Contact Headline Books for information. 

We also have a School Show Program plus School Fundraisers. 

If you love to write—these authors can help you improve your technique and writing. 

If you love to read—invite popular best selling authors to your event and have a fascinating day of education and entertainment.

If you are a parent, teacher, or caregiver—these workshops will enhance classroom and at-home learning. 
Authors Got No Groupies - (and 10 other things I've learned about the writing profession)

Find out what the 8 keys are to a Youthful body! Excellent program for Baby Boomers and beyond.
Kevin Murphy is an inspirational speaker. Surviving Cancer After Surviving Cancer will help you get through the ordeal of cancer.
Master Storyteller and Pulitzer Prize Nominee Presents The Appalachian Jack Tales for all ages
Award Winning Authors
Award Winning Books
Ten Steps to C.O.N.F.I.D.E.N.C.E. and Bringing the Beatles to Pittsburgh

Pat DiCesare is a concert promoter whose career began in the mid fifties at the beginning of the rock and roll era.
"Stevie D." Dupin

Rockstars of Comedy
​Millie Snyder

Motivational Speaker
Best Selling Author
Kathy Johnson

Talented author and 'punster'

Foreign relations expert and advisor to the US Government