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Keeping Kids Safe: Strategies for Stranger Awareness and Safety
Colleen Driscoll
Headline Books Workshops, Speakers and Programs

Subjects include teaching children about healthy eating and exercising; stranger danger; Appalachian Story Telling and Folk Tales.

Also literary workshops for writing, marketing, research, from some of the most interesting authors you will ever meet!
Santa Exercises and Runs Across the Curriculum
Writing the Western: Research and Realism
How Fast Can a Novel Run: The Art of Pacing
Inspirational and motivational speaker, author of legal novels with Christian themes
Lightning in a Bottle - Social Networking for Authors/ How to build your brand and presence on the internet.
Learn to pace your novel...then how to market it!

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Literary Weekend 
Lauren Hudson and her father, Robert Hudson
Teaching students how to be financially independent
Michael K. Farr
Sound Investing
Investing in America 
Mark Nielsen
Author, playwright, speaker